MCM - News monitoring

Choose the right tool to monitor what interests you in the media:

1. Daily Albanian Media Review

A daily summary in English of main news in Albanian TV and Press including sections such as Current issues, Domestic policies, International Relations, Business/Economy and Sectoral News delivered daily starting from 8:30 AM. This is a valuable executive summary of the main daily news that clarifies also the media sources. The press news is retrieved from the same daily press clipping and the broadcast news from last night news editions here for example report.

2. Express Monitoring

Early reporting of relevant day print and previous day TV broadcast media news in Albanian language including key details of individual media is delivered. The relevant hits are selected and retrieved based on keywords. A friendly user interface will allow you to search, select and prepare your own press clipping reports. Express Monitoring can be accessed on-line from our web portal with data available usually from 6 AM or sent to you daily from 8 AM click here for example report.

3. Media Content

If you are you interested in breadth of detail on relevant media clippings, spending the minimum of your time, the Media Content reports with its concise and precise English summaries highlighting key market intelligence and editorial opinion, will focus information of tactical importance to your organization. The report includes an executive summary in English of the relevant articles from the same day of print media and previous day TV broadcast media. The report includes also the original clippings of relevant media with key data on audience. The media content reports are delivered usually in the morning from 9 to 12 AM. click here for example report.

4. Coverage Analysis

Coverage Analysis reports provides you a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis of the relevant news clippings to highlight the level and type of media appearance and media impact vis--vis your topics of choice over time, as well as provide valuable insights for media strategy. These reports track customized quantitative parameters, including aggregated viewership/readership data per news clip, which are then displayed in several meaningful charts and graphs. Qualitative measures include context, tone, messages and appearance. The reports are delivered usually monthly or covering larger periods of time.
click here for example report.

5. Media Communication & PR services

In a process fully driven by your goals, based on our research and advanced analysis of specified topics, the expertise of our media professionals and our overall experience in media consulting, we can work for and with you to prepare and implement media campaigns, targeted media events, as well as write and secure distribution media for specific public relations materials. We pride ourselves in providing superior PR services, which are both measurable and guarantee a high return on your investment.


Clipping costs

The clipping prices are calculated upon cost basis. For press clippings based in a group of related keywords the prices are calculated as follows:
Fixed monthly fee
Price for each relevant clipped articles that contains one or more keywords.
Price of an article summary (English, Italian, French or German).

For price details please contact with us.

Use MCMonitoring customised services

We pride ourselves in providing services that cater to our client needs promptly, reliably, and with uncompromising quality.
Our media monitoring system is easily scalable, customable with a strongly embedded quality control component. Its an essential part of our work to ensure that the clips we send truly match the intent of the search you have commissioned, and that the analysis is comprehensive and relevant to your needs.
We always strive to accommodate special requests in terms of the reporting format, manner and language of reporting.


MCMonitoring system process, capture and index monthly:
26,500 print articles and 10,000 Hours of video broadcast.
MCM system identifies and delivers monthly:
6500 relevant articles and stories, 80 hours of video and 70 customized news monitoring analysis.