MCM - Ads monitoring

Strictly devoted to paid and non paid advertising, Media Monitoring in marketing area is extensively used by marketers and companies that invest in media retaining or increasing customer loyalty and share of influence. Our services promise to better enable your company in achieving these aims.
- Investing in media for advertising purposes can be a hard-to-take decision. You are about to negotiate for the cost of your campaign. How does TV or Radio, Print, Web, Outdoor sell advertising in comparison to others?
- You pay top dollar and all you get in return is ghost airtime, you run your commercials and they go away in seconds. How can you be sure that the booked spots have all been aired in compliance to the negotiated schedule?
- Whatís the competition doing in the mean time? What is their strategy? Is your campaign a drop in the ocean or otherwise excessively and unnecessarily heavy? Follows, we have selected 4 most common services report :

1. Analytical Advertising Report

This report allows you to verify the actual broadcast/print of your commercials during one month. The monitored media include 15 TV Channels, 3 Radios, all Printed Press, main Websites and Outdoor Advertising.
click here for example report.
Daily monitoring checks how the commercials aired/publicated match the agreed-upon media plan and the results are presented in a report which specifies:
i) The advertising copy aired/printed (name, length/space);
ii) The time (hour, minute) of airing/date of print;

2. Brand Category Advertising Report

This report includes monthly aggregated data for commercials within one subcategory in TV, Radio, Print, Web and Outdoor. It is useful in gaining an understanding of the competitorís strategy as well as in the strategic planning and scheduling of your own advertising campaign, thus planning more confidently especially with respect to those media where there competition is present. This report is also useful to understand:
- Advertising budget, audience achieved and other relevant parameters concerning the brand category products of on each media;
- Media behavior in advertising, opportunities and challenges towards the brand subcategory product advertising. click here for example report

3. Campaign analysis

This report, made progressively each month, allows the analysis of the competition based in the advertising campaigns. The data provided in this report allows the identification of:
- Advertising campaign details (Campaign type, object, ads used, cost, audience etc...)
- Date of start and end.
The scope of this report is the timely knowledge of the competitors advertising campaign in order to adjust adequately the own media planning and strategy.
click here for example report

4. Product Placement

Screening media and outdoor activities identifying brand mentions and product placement with audience relevance, media value, contextual and perceptional indicators are also provided. Although used only by few international companies this is an important tool evaluating the brand image and their exposure

Use MCMonitoring customised services

We pride ourselves in providing services that cater to our client needs promptly, reliably, and with uncompromising quality.
Our media monitoring system is easily scalable, customable with a strongly embedded quality control component. It an essential part of our work to ensure that the clips we send truly match the intent of the search you have commissioned, and that the analysis is comprehensive and relevant to your needs.
We always strive to accommodate special requests in terms of the reporting format, manner and language of reporting, etc.

MCM system process, capture and index monthly:
26,000 print pages and 10,000 Hours of video broadcast.
MCM system identifies, store and report monthly:
78,000 advertising events, 80 new ads and deliver 40 marketing analysis & media intelligence reports. .