MCM - Media Intelligence

Follows, we have describet below the most common services report :

1. EPG Media Business Intelligence

EPG Media Business Intelligence provides to the Marketing & PR Department online access to TV audience media monitoring data to enable competitive marketing activity analysis, and assist in managing advertising effectively.

Analysis of TV shows audience section is dedicated to the analysis of TV programs based on the Average Ratings and Share. TV business intelligence platform allows the customisation of reporting based on your the parameters of choice. The use of dashboards create an unlimited flexibility to project the suitable period of time and selection of TV program to compare.

Advanced analysis of TV shows audience and advertising usage section includes the ultimate TV business intelligence combining the analysis of programs audience and advertisement. The program audience with the advertising load help evaluate the advertising campaign in one hand and the advertising opportunity related to the presence of other advertisers.

2. TV advertising

The information portal of TV advertising offers the ultimate online media monitoring services for TV channels and serves to manage effectively the broadcast time. We are bringing to you a comprehensive and consolidated capture system with more than 12 years of experience, a state of art data delivering and analysis tool. With more than 20 dynamic reports, you can easily analyse the advertising volume throw airtime, media value and many other advertising industry parameters. The current and historical advertising data 7/24 are available just a click away, in a self-media business intelligence platform.

The reports allows to:
- Notify instantly the new advertisers and understand their preferred TV channels
- Define TV programs preferred by advertisers
- Analyse historical advertising data from 2010
- Analyse advertising load in time
- Analyse advertising load by products or services categories
- Analyse brads TV advertising approach


3. Media content analysis

A multitude of variables are used giving quantitative and qualitative projections on:

Top Stories, Advertisers or Hits (Click for more)

Topical/keyword exposure and bias analysis (Click for more)

Politicians /Anchor/journalist exposure and performance (Click for more)

Media positioning and attitude (Click for more).


4. Media content storage

A large multi-media content storage from TV broadcast and Press publication is available for research, verification and other proposes. The TV broadcast content is archived for 90 days and Press publication for 1 year.


5. Copyright protection

Copyright Verification Tool assists copyright owners in searching for material that they believe to be infringing. These reports allow to locate that material with prove of airings and publication.

Use MCMonitoring customised services

We pride ourselves in providing services that cater to our client needs promptly, reliably, and with uncompromising quality. Our media monitoring system is easily scalable, customable with a strongly embedded quality control component. It an essential part of our work to ensure that the clips we send truly match the intent of the search you have commissioned, and that the analysis is comprehensive and relevant to your needs..We always strive to accommodate special requests in terms of the reporting format, manner and language of reporting, etc.

In 2017 we have captured and analyzed:
over 657,982 relevant articles and stories;
986,851 TV, Radio and Online commercials; 3,540 of them, unique;
18,531 press commercials; 1,423 of them, unique.