MCMonitoring has been offering independent media monitoring services for news and advertising in Albania for over 9 years. The customized MCC’s Media Monitoring system, based on “MediaWatch” and “PressProduction”, assures accuracy and comprehensive coverage of Albania and Kosovo media in : 12 broadcast (televizion and radio) and 35 newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, it enables the tracking of OOH advertising, and informs media research and consultancy services for our clients, primarily international companies and organizations in Albania, but increasingly local businesses and institutions, too. The first company to offer full service media monitoring in Albania, MCM maintains a leadership position sustained by a continuous effort to adopt industry’s international best practices and technology offerings, and thus provide continually improved and expanded quality monitoring reports to respond to quickly evolving demand in the market.


Comprehensive coverage of: Click for more
- Printed Media (27 newspapers, 8 magazines and other publication)
- Electronic media (15 TV channels & 3 Radio Stations)
- Outdoor (Mass events, OOH ads, press conferences, meetings)
- Internet



Media Monitoring employs a range of industry standards and specialized methodologies to deliver credible and reliable results. A dedicated team of experienced analysts with knowledge across a range of industry sectors is available to intelligently evaluate your media coverage



Media Monitoring was established in 2000 and over the years has been employed on a retained and project basis by various Albanian Media companies, Advertising and PR agencies, national and international companies and institutions Click for more



Media Monitoring Report's are highly cost-effective evaluated in cost base approach. The services enable you to protect your media investment


Use MCMonitoring services

Media content provides an untapped source of intelligence that can be employed by both commercial and non-profit organizations to measure and evaluate image and performance and monitor audience needs and attitudes.

Competition in the retail market continues to rise & Customer loyalty and share of influence are the primary goals of marketers whether it be advertising or sales promotion to ascertain their share of voice and identify areas of growth and opportunities.

Advertising agencies and brand managers themselves have to assess the placement of their ads and of their competitors within various publications.

In 2019 we have captured and analyzed:
over 657,982 relevant articles and stories;
986,851 TV, Radio and Online commercials; 3,540 of them, unique;
18,531 press commercials; 1,423 of them, unique.